Tyres & Wheel Alignment in Newbury

Tyres & Wheel Alignment in Newbury

Our fully equipped garage now offers a car and van tyres fitting and wheel alignment service in Newbury. Tyres are often the most neglected element of our automotive upkeep - but the difference between decent treads and uncared for grips could literally be a matter of life and death. So no one-stop shop garage would be complete without offering this vital service.

Tyre Fitting Service

We now supply and fit tyres to all makes of cars and vans. We truly are a one stop shop for your vehicle when carrying out a service or MOT. We provide a free tyre and brake safety checking service and can cater for wheel balanacing, puncture repairs and complete tyre change overs.

Our workshop holds a wide range of quality branded tyres in sizes to fit all makes and models of vehicles. And as much as we will try to fit the best tyre for your vehicle we also have a choice of budget and mid-market tyres right up to premium brand tyres. If we haven't got them in stock then delivery is usually within 24 hours. Why not give us a call beforehand to find out availability and timescales for the exact tyres you require.

4 Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is an essential vehicle service which ensures your car operates with maximum efficiency, comfort and safety. It achieves this by making sure all of your wheels point in exactly the right direction in relation to each other and your direction of travel. Incorrectly aligned wheels is one of the main causes of premature tyre wear. And copntrary to popular belief, your rear wheels can become misaligned too.

This is an increasingly important service on modern cars. The majority now have many adjustable components within the steering and suspension systems. If these are all not set correctly it can cause misalignment.

You should always get an expert to check whther there are any issues with your wheel alignment but some common symptoms include:

  • your vehicle pulls to one side whilst driving
  • uneven wear across one or more of your tyres

Wheel alignment issues can be caused by a number of factors but the most common reasons are hitting potholes, hitting kerbs and travelling on gravel roads regularly.


Our Wheel Alignment service accurately measures a number of major wheel angles and compares them with the original specifications detailed by your car manufacturer. Any differences are corrected by adjusting your car’s steering and suspension settings.

So if you're after car tyres or van tyres in Newbury and/or wheel alignment then give us a call. You can book in with us on 01635 46323 or alternatively email us at info@raynerdiesel.co.uk

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Tyres and Alignment Newbury

Tyres and Alignment Newbury



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