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Diesel Workshop

A modern common rail diesel engine is a very advanced piece of technology. It's controlled by an ECU (Engine Control Unit). Proper fault diagnosis is not straight forward. Sometimes it's only possible when the car is hooked up to a state of the art diagnostic system. Here at Rayner Bosch Service Centre our Diesel Workshop in Newbury uses the latest Bosch diagnostic systems.

Diesel vehicles have always been very fuel efficient. But current emissions laws and expectations of performance have forced car manufacturers to change how they manufacture. Now they must ensure diesels are clean air, economical and powerful cars to drive. Therefore maintaining these cars becomes a job for a professional garage. You need a garage that’s equipped with the latest technology and with trained staff with plenty of experience.

As diesel specialists, Rayners have the technology to diagnose your vehicle issues. Our workshop is well equipped with a diesel fuel injection pump, injector servicing and testing facilities. We're experienced at all aspects of diesel injector refurbishment, among other common diesel problems. We can offer all our customers a complete, all round, on-site service.

Diesel Car Servicing

Diagnostic Machine for Diesel WorkshopRayner’s have always been known locally as Newbury’s diesel specialists/experts. In fact some of our clients are other local garages that use our expertise and knowledge. Our team has a combined experience of over 95 years. In other words we're experts at diesel vehicle servicing and repairs on all makes of diesel cars, both old and new.

No matter whether you have a modern common rail diesel engine or an older in line diesel engine. Give Rayner Diesel Services a call and bring your vehicle in to our Diesel Workshop in Newbury. We’ll give you advice that you can trust, and our team of experts are always happy to help. We’ll explain the problems and the correct measures required to fix them.

For more information or to book your diesel car in for a service contact us on 01635 46323 or alternatively email us at info@raynerdiesel.co.uk



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