Sterling Industrial Estate Feature

May 2008 – Sterling Industrial Estate Feature

It is celebration time at Rayner Diesel Services, one of Sterling Industrial Estate’s longest serving occupants. It is marking its 25th anniversary year as a Bosch Diesel Service Agent with a brand update, additional team members and further company investment.

Rayner Diesel Services first started trading back in 1978, and has been resident on the estate for more than 20 years. Director Kevin Haynes explained the plus points of the location: “We have worked hard to gain our reputation as the diesel experts in Newbury, and we are committed to providing our customers with the whole package – great service,staff at Rayner expert advice, reasonable rates and a convenient central location.”

He recommended that owners of diesel cars should talk to Rayner Diesel Services to ensure optimum performance. He explained: “Diesel engines are complex and can be very expensive to replace when they go wrong, but we can overhaul fuel pumps and fuel injectors, often at a fraction of the new price.

“We may also be able to reduce your servicing costs – we cater for all makes and vehicle ages and even if your car is new, your manufacturers waranty will not be affected.”

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Rayners Staff Photo

Sterling Industrial Estate Feature