Vehicle Diagnostics Centre

Modern technology in cars has led to the development of ECU's (Engine Control Units), these control and gather data on many of the vehicles essential components. Rayner's have the latest Bosch diagnostic equipment that enables us to plug into your petrol or diesel car and easily identify any issues that exist.

Our state of the art diagnostic equipment can identify problems with the following: running faults, high emissions, airbag systems, electrical faults, braking system faults and air conditioning malfunctions.

  • Running faults
  • High emissions
  • Airbag system issues
  • Electrical faults
  • Braking system faults
  • Air conditioning malfunctions
  • Plus so much more...

Our reputation and range of equipment means that we are often asked to carry out work for other local garages.

For more information on our diagnostics services please contact us on 01635 46323 or alternatively email us at


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